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About Us

We are a family owned and operated business consisting of a mother and her three sons. Father is an experienced pattern maker and machine shop owner who shared his machining knowledge and experience with his family over the years. Mother and the boys have established CDK as a method of expanding into new machining and manufacturing industries. Working together as a tight-knit team this family can provide expert services for today's ever-changing manufacturing demands and requirements.

Linda (mother) is a minority business owner leading the company in male dominated industry. Linda coordinates schedules and budgets as well as taking care of accounting. She has been a business owner in the machining industry for 18+ years.

Dustin (middle brother) is an experienced CNC operator and programmer. He has 14+ years of machining and programming experience. He is also shop manager, helps to train our talented staff of machinists, and is a our lead salesman.

Cody (youngest brother) is the jack-of-all-trades. He can do everything from accounting to logistics. He is our warehouse manager and is normally the first guy to be the extra set of hands or eyes to assist on any project.

Kory (oldest Brother) is an experienced mechanical engineer and project leader specializing in industrial automation machinery. He can assist customers with any design issues that need to be resolved as well as handle project coordination and communication.

Being partners in business and family does come with some challenges in the personal life, but it also has the benefit of allowing us to form a highly efficient and effective team. We are a team that will consistently exceed your expectations.